Innovative solution to motivate people working on projects in the age of AI.

Hourly wage compensation in the era of AI is neither fair nor motivating. Thanks to artificial intelligence and automation, people are more efficient and productive.

With MOTIV-ACE®, you will gain motivated employees who actively learn new things and support innovation. Additionally, you will fairly distribute bonuses for successful projects and innovations. The saved resources and time can be invested in the development of your business.

We spent 4 000 hours developing, 1 200 hours testing and 8 000 hours improving the system we call MOTIV-ACE. And after all this effort, we are proud to have on offer a unique solution in the area of project and change management and people motivation. Do you often hear: „That wasn’t my fault, it was his/her fault!“ MOTIV-ACE® will finally put an end to pointless quibbles and nit-picking in the team. No more endless arguments about who put in more effort, no more envy or hard feelings. MOTIV-ACE® opens up the way to building a truly coherent, collaborative team: your people will collaborate, they will help each other and quickly improve themselves working for you will bring your staff fulfilment.

Use the power of MOTIV-ACE® to your advantage!

Finish your projects faster.

Get your money faster to grow your business.

Simplify people management.

Save valuable time for yourself and your business.


Put together people with the drive and ambition to get things done.

Stay on top of things.

Make fewer mistakes. Improve your success rate.

Identify suitable team members.

You’ll only have people who find fulfilment in their work and don‘t waste your time with the pointless.


We draw on our considerable experience in implementing the right solution. You tell us your needs and we help you make sure they are satisfied. Implementing MOTIV-ACE® does not waste your energy or money – it helps you save both.

Phase 1: Design

Introductory analytical consultation
Solution proposal
Formative workshop


Phase 2: Implementation

Activation and setting up of SW
Preparation of project and training data
Provision of user support during transition


Phase 3: Pilot run

Renting the cloud version of MOTIV-ACE app


We’ll be happy to show you how to speed up your projects, changes and innovations. Save money, enthuse people for work, get more time for yourself and improve your success rate.

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